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Cake Mapping For Those Precious Moments

Cake Mapping - Animating the Icing on the Cake

Our cake mapping projection service provides an extra wow factor for your wedding reception, party or corporate event.

Many decades ago the big surprise used to be someone bursting out of the top of a very large replica cake after first being pushed into the room packed with expectant party guests.

Singing in the Rain film still

Sometimes you'd also see a flow of Champagne cascading down a pyramid of glasses. These days it can still be an impressive party surprise without having to stuff an actor into a box or wasting precious bubbly :-)

Transforming your cake using video mapping is limited only by the imagination, and perhaps budget. It can be covered in animated texts, figures, video, photographs, graphics and all synced perfectly with audio of music and sound effects. We can take care of all content and effects, even transforming the cake into a fairy castle or other fantastic building as the basis for a story to unfold. We can also incorporate photos provided by you or your guests in advance, or even use ones from your hired photographer taken earlier in the day! The possibilities are endless and with a solution to suit your budget.

We can also provide projections as the indoor backdrop for your cake and elsewhere during your event such as onto the tables of your guests during dinner. Should your event be in a stunning location and runs into the evening, then there is also the possibility of projection mapping a suitable facade of the building. The image below was taken of an animated video mapping made for a wedding in the Italian Alps, projected onto the side of the chapel where the happy couple exchanged vows earlier the same day.

A projection mapping on a facade of the chapel used for the wedding ceremony.

We can liaise with your own cake supplier, or offer you a beautiful eye-catching cake from our own supplier. However, we would usually use one of our 'dummy' cakes which actually look like the real thing, with fondant icing to keep it authentic. This reduces the extravagance of having such a huge cake made by specialist caterers. Should you want to have a cake-cutting ceremony then we have a solution for that too!

We welcome interest from wedding organisers, event planners, event venues as well as the host of the events themselves. The wedding projection above was arranged as an after dinner surprise by the parents of the bride!

Custom projections based on your event theme

  • Photographs and handwritten messages submitted in advance by guests
  • Animations
  • Video messages from absent people
  • Branding and advertisements
  • Photographs taken of the marriage ceremony, even from the same day

Surrounding atmospherics

  • Mapped projections on table objects such photo frames or dinner plates, showing videos and images of the couple’s story so far
  • Lights of any colours or combinations, with effects to suit the theme
  • Outdoor projection on the facade of the venue or other structure

As a starting package we offer up to ten minutes of projection which can be run as a one-off presentation with or without audio or as a continuous loop for as long as you wish.

Solutions to fit your budget.
  A complete on-site cake projection service includes setting up the cake, projection equipment and remaining on-hand throughout the day, as well as the breakdown of the equipment once the event has concluded.

See our article Planning a Projection Event for more information on how projection mapping can help your event.