Light Up Your Town or City Centre


    Light up your Town or City Centre

Annual Festivals and Cultural Events

A Golden Opportunity for Councils and Private Enterprise

This is a fantastic opportunity to light up your town or city centre, and bring your community together. We can already speak from experience having achieved this with events in Italy. We have seen for ourselves the reaction of the crowd when experiencing a video projection.

Video projection mapping has the capacity to transform any object onto a screen. We have the ability to take a real-world object, such as a building, and project onto it's walls and generally manipulate it's usual geometry.

Often site-specific, the best work enhances rather than effaces the architecture it's projected onto. The sheer scale can be breath taking and the illusion of everyday and static objects around us becoming animate and playfully reworked can be incredibly exciting. So why not light up your town or city centre and watch the expressions on the audience's faces  light up too, and you'll witness sheer amazement.

  • Celebrating a recently restored important historical building or landmark.
  • Opening ceremony of a new building development or public area.
  • Anniversary of town's birth.
  • In support of hosting a major national or international event.
  • Additional installations within light related festival events.

Independently our team have been involved in many successful projection festivals, providing consultation, technical support, creative ideas and contributing with outdoor projection mapping. Mapping Mill strives to build on this experience at home in the UK.

You may have an existing annual lighting event or indeed are in the process of planning a new public event for your community and visitors. We are able to offer our expertise and provide proposals for mapping projections for any of your town's public spaces. You may have in the past considered having a festival in your city centre but not yet realised your dream. Let us help you light up your town or city centre, either by providing a mapping projection on a building as part of your program or being part of your team in realizing a new festival or annual event.

Whether you represent a council or operate as an independent events organiser, why not take the first step and call us today on 07533 722001

Our experience - festivals

Consultation, technical support, 2D and 3D projection mapping

Water and Light Festival 2018, 2019

Lana Lights 2015

Fantadia 2007, 2009, 2011

Painting with Light 2006, 2008

Our experience - annual events

Consultation, technical support and mapping projections
2007 - 2019

Summer cultural festivities

Christmas late night shopping

New Year's Eve countdown Projections

Example of existing festivals using projection mapping

Light up the North (LUTN) is a network of seven northern light festivals. Which have come together to share their collective expertise to support both the development of the partner festivals and the wider sector.
Through regional, national and international networking and collaboration LUTN nurtures artistic ambition through artist and producer development. Co-commissioning and joint fundraising. The capacity and depth of cultural practice within the network enables LUTN to support emerging artists. And explore technical innovations and create aspirational work to deliver a compelling offer for audiences. Supported by Arts Council England.

Provide a free or ticketed event for residents, whilst encouraging visitors from further afield. This in turn generates additional income for local businesses and the community.

Funding, possible sources:
The Arts Council National Lottery Funding for Visual Arts and Combined Arts Festival.
Local businesses as partners or sponsors.
Ticket and merchandise sales.