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City Festival

Revolution at the Water Light Festival

A co-production with Luce Dipinta Multivisioni in Italy. Invited once again following the success in 2018, a new installation was created for the city festival theme.

Revolution, was presented at the Water Light Festival in Bressanone 12 times on each evening throughout the 17 day event. The concept centers on two meanings of the word revolution: a very important way in which people do things, and a circular movement of something, for example, a water wheel and a turbine. It also hints at the Industrial Revolution. The interpretation focuses on the natural resource and harnessing it's natural energy as a source of power. This is just a taste of the history of energy generation through water.The installation Revolution highlights the importance of producing clean energy and that South Tyrol (Italy) does this using hydroelectric plants.

Steam, industirial revolution was part of this mapping projection

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